Does Buying Energy Star Equipment Matter?

Does Buying Energy Star Equipment Matter?

By now, you have almost certainly heard of Energy STAR. You see the symbol on light bulbs and various home appliances. You may even know that Energy STAR endorses dozens of food service equipment products. But, if you haven’t been investing in these products, then you definitely don’t know what you are missing. Aside for being good for the environment, Energy Star products cost less, save you money, and offer superior performance.

How can Energy STAR help my kitchen?

If we can only stress one point in this entire post, it’s that savings from energy Star equipment can be significant. The average 8 year savings on a Large Vat Fryer is $5400. Refrigerators and Freezers average between $2,000-$4,300 in savings over their lifetime.

In fact, you could reasonably expect to put $50,000 back in your pocket in the next 8 years by switching to all Energy STAR equipment. Imagine what you could do with an extra $50,000.
“With Energy STAR you get a superior piece of equipment, which cost’s less due to a rebate, which will then pay for itself inside of a year, and you’re helping out the environment as well…”

How do the rebates work?

Energy STAR works with your local power company to offer incredible rebates on Energy STAR approved equipment. These rebates are so good, that between them and your immediate power savings, most equipment pays for itself in the first year. (For more information check out our post “Make Your Restaurant Equipment Pay For Itself”)

Plus, many dealers will wait for the rebate so you don’t have to. At SRE, we offer the product to you at the post-rebate price. So, if your equipment costs $1500, and Energy Star offers a $1000 rebate, the cost to you is only $500.

Is the equipment any good?

The whole point of Energy STAR equipment is that it includes newer and better technology. It can perform the same job as other equipment more efficiently. Refrigerators and freezers have better fan blades and uniform cabinet temperatures. Ice makers harvest ice more quickly through harvest assist devices. Convection ovens have better gaskets which result in faster and more uniform cooking. The list could go on. So, you get high quality equipment for less money.

What about the environment?

And, of course, Energy STAR equipment is good for the environment. By switching to Energy STAR, you are helping conserve energy, saving water, potentially reducing food waste, and more. You’re doing something good for all of us. (And, your customers will love it, too!)

In short, with Energy STAR you get a superior piece of equipment, which cost’s less due to a rebate, which will then pay for itself inside of a year, and you’re helping out the environment as well. It’s a win for your kitchen, it’s a win for your profit margin, and it’s a win for the environment. That’s why we at SRE think buying Energy STAR is important.

Want to know more?

The EPA offers excellent online resources for you to research Energy STAR Food Service Equipment. We recommend starting your search HERE.

If you still have questions about Energy STAR, give us a call. We’ll help you make the right decision for your kitchen. We are your partner in success.

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