Welcome Cochinito Taqueria! Gourmet Tacos Arrive in Spokane

“Spokane gets it. They care where their food comes from,” says Travis Dickinson as he gestures to the kitchen of Cochinito Taqueria, the restaurant he is poised to open in downtown Spokane on February 28th. “It’s about sourcing the ingredients responsibly and bringing a higher level of technique to fast casual dining.”

Cochinito Taqueria is brilliant in its simplicity: great tacos, relaxed atmosphere, fast service, and a reasonable price. Dickinson’s commitment to excellence is central to his mission, but he still aims to be only one price point above fast food. Dickinson describes what he wants for his patrons- “You walk in, grab a drink, order food, and then you sit and relax. And it’s great food!” The key to his success is high quality tacos made from locally sourced ingredients and prepared with outstanding technique.

And outstanding technique is certainly something Dickinson has plenty of experience in. He spent 15 years living in Portland, where he studied and worked as a chef, before he moved to Spokane 5 years ago. The idea for his newest restaurant came from his experience in Portland. He fondly recalls visiting ¿Por Que No? Taqueria and instantly realized what an excellent restaurant model they had. Dickinson aims to create the same fast, casual, and excellent dining experience here in Spokane. “I want it to be a place you can bring your family,” says Dickinson, “without it being a major event or celebration. Just a great place to walk in and eat.”

Cochinito Taqueria Dining Room
Cochinito Taqueria Dining Room

Dickinson’s more recent experience includes working as a chef at Spokane’s own Clover restaurant. This, too, has shaped how Dickinson approaches Cochinito Taqueria. “We want to do the same thing we did at Clover, but in a corn tortilla instead of a $40 plate.” And he plans to do exactly that with the help of his handpicked, highly trained chefs. “I’m in love with the food… and I’ve hired a talented cooking staff to keep it free flowing and fun. We want to keep [the food] exciting.”


“We want to do the same thing we did at Clover, but in a corn tortilla instead of a $40 plate.”

-Travis Dickinson

And there certainly appears to be plenty of excitement, if not curiosity, surrounding Spokane’s newest taqueria. While conducting this interview from the comfort of Dickinson’s dining room, we saw dozens of people peering through the windows, trying to catch a glimpse of the soon-to-be restaurant inside. From the freshly painted mural, the full bar, cozy dining room, and high quality ingredients being brought in daily, there is a lot to be excited about.

Cochinito Taqueria opens to customers on February 28th, with a formal grand opening celebration scheduled for late March. It is located at 14 N Post St, right in the heart of downtown Spokane. Walk-in dining is welcome. You can learn more about the taqueria by visiting their facebook page.

Spokane Restaurant Equipment is proud to have designed the kitchen and supplied the equipment for Cochinito Taqueria. To learn more about working with SRE, click HERE.

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